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Connectivity & Telecom

Connectivity & Telecom Industry Featured ImageTechnology standards encompassing Ethernet networks, 5g, Wi-Fi, etc., are helping to make universal service a reality for individuals, businesses, and societies. The IEEE SA Connectivity & Telecom Practice aims to address the need for robust, responsible, and affordable wired/wireless platforms while providing improved and reliable connectivity to meet ever-increasing data needs. The necessity of connectivity has become of greater importance now, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare Industry Featured ImageFrom clinical health and bio/pharmaceutical value chain to wellness, the Healthcare and Lifesciences sector is looking for new ways to deliver universal and sustainable quality of care for all individuals. The IEEE SA Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice is a global platform bringing together committed volunteer stakeholders to evaluate, validate, and develop solutions for establishing trust in new technology applications that will afford the right to safety, security, and protection of life.

Learning & Education

Featured Image - People CollaboratingWith online education and remote learning expanding rapidly to more learners of every age, standardization activities provide a crucial venue for helping ensure requirements across diverse applications. IEEE SA provides a collaborative platform enabling innovation in learning and education and achieving cost efficiency and usability through multi-vendor interoperability. Through standardization IEEE SA also helps build a framework to accelerate digital literacy and digital skills.


Manufacturing Industry Featured ImageTechnological innovation, competitive markets, and growing consumer demand are creating opportunities for the manufacturing industry in the Industry 4.0 era. To improve productivity and product quality and safety, manufacturing companies are increasingly integrating technology and implementing standards in the production processes. IEEE SA standardization activities in networking, sensors, process control automation, and more, are designed to enable a more efficient, safer, and more sustainable manufacturing ecosystem.


Mobility Industry Featured ImageIn the mobility and transportation sector, calls for environmental sustainability have advanced the development and commercialization of e-mobility, featuring many technologies & innovations in electric vehicles & mass transportation. The IEEE SA Mobility Practice aims to advance technology standards in vehicle communication, infrastructure, connectivity, sensors, data, and more, providing markets a trusted, reliable, and safe experience via interoperable solutions and standardization.

Power & Energy

Power & Energy Industry Featured ImageEnergy is fundamental to modern life. As economies grow, technology advances, and consumers become more environmentally friendly, global energy services will evolve to meet changing needs. The IEEE SA Energy Practice aims to help promote innovation, identify gaps, and address challenges with power generation, transmission, and distribution, and related areas of efficiency, sustainability, infrastructure, policy, and regional growth and adoption.


Retail Industry Featured ImageThe retail industry is in rapid transformation. As consumers expect personalized products and experiences, transparency to responsible sourcing and sustainable practices, and secure transaction processes, technology standards are instrumental in building capabilities for the future of retail. IEEE standards and initiatives aim to help retailers assess standards opportunities intersecting emerging technologies to navigate changing trends and business models as well as advance sustainability and profitability.


Technology Industry Featured ImageThe advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed technology and created systems that are not only interconnected, but communicate, analyze, and turn data into intelligent action. From smart homes and smart factories to smart cities, the IEEE SA Foundational Technologies Practice helps standardize seamless and ubiquitous connectivity across all applications of connected technologies in a trust-worthy manner, taking digital transformation to the next level.

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    Bringing New Voices to Nanotechnology Standards Development

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    2021 IEEE Standards Association Awards Nominations Are Open

    IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) recognizes outstanding standards development participation through various award categories. Nominations for the 2021 IEEE SA Awards are now open until 31 July. Nominations can be made for the following awards: IEEE SA Standards Medallion For major contributions to standards development, e.g., leadership in standardization of new…

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    Introducing the Measurementality Series on Artificial Intelligence Systems

    Professor Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland speaks with John C. Havens of IEEE SA in the first official video interview for Measurementality, describing how our metrics of success need to include a more holistic set of Indicators than they do today. Sandy directs MIT Connection Science and previously helped create and direct…

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    IEEE Standards Used in Your Everyday Life

    Technology has become an integral aspect of our everyday lives. From the internet to smart grid, and health care to transportation, technology standards are used in a variety of ways. IEEE standards enable many of these technologies, as well as those that have helped people cope with the COVID-19 pandemic…

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