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  • Policy maker conference

    Leveraging Global Standards in Policy Making: Interviewing an IEEE GEPS Representative

    IEEE Standards have long been leveraged by the public sector around the world as powerful instruments to support public policy initiatives, provide modern infrastructure, and advance humanity. To help governments better understand and utilize IEEE standards and related services, the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) has the IEEE Government Engagement…

  • IEEE SA World Standards Day Featured Image

    Introducing the 2020 World Standards Day Video Contest Winners

    Over the last century, large-scale industrial activities, rapid population growth, urbanization, and inequality have had adverse effects on the earth, our lives, and the well-being of future generations. Sustainable development has become more important than ever, and global standards play a key role in supporting the environmental, social, and economic…

  • Children on smart phones

    New Standard Will Help Nations Accelerate Digital Literacy and Digital Skills Building

    The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a global rush towards the digital transformation of nearly all aspects of daily life.  Given the pace of these changes, digital literacy and digital skills have become a mandatory part of education and training for all people. It is critical for nations to rapidly…

  • IEEE SA World Standards Day Featured Image

    Enter The 2020 World Standards Day Video Contest To Win A $500 Prize

    Every year on 14 October, IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) joins the international community in celebrating the importance of standards development and honoring the collaboration of individuals and organizations across the globe who drive technological innovation. Our theme for this year’s celebration is “Raising the World’s Standards for the Protection…

  • Featured Image - Team Meeting

    Bringing Together Great Minds to Collaborate in an Open Environment

    The local economy really isn’t so local anymore, is it?  Just about everything today is a global economy, in which almost any technologist or businessperson is able to access economies that were never available in the past. The potential application space for entrepreneurs and large corporations alike today is really the…

  • Featured Image - Man in front of computer

    New IEEE SA Training + Development Program Available

    Navigating standards development can be a challenging journey, whether a first-time participant or a senior IEEE SA member. To support an ever-expanding portfolio of global standards, we have launched a new Training + Development program to enable the success of our global working groups. Drawing upon the expertise of current…

  • Featured Image - engineers working around a table

    Transforming the IEEE Standards Association to Serve Evolving Needs for Consensus Platforms

    Technology and business dynamics change much more rapidly in today’s global marketplace than they did in the past. In order to stay relevant, companies must be able to think and act faster, and that makes collaboration—between and among industries, technology areas, and geographic regions—more crucial to success than ever. It…

  • IEEE SA Watermark Definitions

    Behind the Transformation: IEEE SA Wordmarks

    Globalization, technological innovation, emerging market needs, and new products… We live in a world where changes can take place by the second. Just as the world evolves, so do we at IEEE SA. Since the 2019 World Standards Day, we have embarked on a journey of transformation to meet the…

  • Featured Image - People Collaborating

    Paving the Way for Transformative Learning Technologies

    The global pandemic is clearly illuminating the value and even necessity of online education and remote learning for students around the world. It also is revealing key hurdles and limitations yet to be addressed in the technology space.

  • Featured Image - Net Policy

    IEEE SA Standards Fellowship Program Goes Local in India

    Building on the success of its annual year-end IEEE SA Standards Fellowship program held alongside the IEEE Standards Board (SASB) meeting series at IEEE’s headquarters, for the first SASB meeting of the year in New Delhi, India, IEEE SA went local. From 2-6 March 2020, IEEE SA invited national standards…

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