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Beyond Standards Topics:

  • artificial intelligence systems

    Building Customer Confidence in Artificial Intelligence Systems for the Financial Industry

    The Importance of Applied Ethics in Artificial Intelligence Human data, the fundamental building block for artificial intelligent systems, is currently being accessed and shared in multiple ways across the world without unified policy, technology, or cultural guidelines. For industries like financial services — which is second only to the technology…

  • Man optimistically looking out corporate window

    How Standards Help Make Smart Cities a Reality

    Smart Cities in India India is expected to witness an increase in urban population from 377 million in 2011 to 600 million in 2031 — roughly twice the current population of the United States, according to a UN-backed report published in 2014. Given the growth, the country is expected to…

  • Featured Image - Networking

    Expanding Singlemode Fiber Capabilities in Ethernet Applications

    The lifecycles of technology innovation and standards refinement are tightly entwined in a space as huge and long-lasting as Ethernet. For example, the new IEEE 802.3cu™, IEEE Draft Standard for Ethernet Amendment: Physical Layers and Management Parameters for 100 Gb/s and 400 Gb/s Operation over Single-Mode Fiber at 100 Gb/s…

  • connected health

    Securing the Future of Connected Health on a Global Scale

    On the dark web, health records are worth literally forty to fifty times more than credit card data. While you may be able to change your social security or fiscal identity number with significant amounts of effort or cancel your credit cards, you cannot change the genetic data, health conditions,…

  • Featured Image - Power and Energy

    Raising Safety Standards in Energy and Engineering

    This post is an adaptation of the article by the University of Washington Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering. For those of us who have ever watched TV, talked on a cellphone, enjoyed listening to AM/FM radio broadcasts, or received an MRI scan, we can confidently do so with the…

  • Female Scientist

    Driving Responsible Innovation of AI, Life Sciences and Next Generation Biotech

    “We are making God obsolete,” declared the rockstar-like professor of synthetic biology in the recent Netflix hit show Biohackers. What happens when humans become creators of new forms of DNA, including our own? Who gets to decide? Who owns our genomic data? Who is it shared with? Who is accountable?…

  • Award trophy

    2021 IEEE Standards Association Awards Nominations Are Open

    IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) recognizes outstanding standards development participation through various award categories. Nominations for the 2021 IEEE SA Awards are now open until 31 July. Nominations can be made for the following awards: IEEE SA Standards Medallion For major contributions to standards development, e.g., leadership in standardization of new…

  • Featured Image - General News

    Introducing the Measurementality Series on Artificial Intelligence Systems

    Professor Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland speaks with John C. Havens of IEEE SA in the first official video interview for Measurementality, describing how our metrics of success need to include a more holistic set of Indicators than they do today. Sandy directs MIT Connection Science and previously helped create and direct…

  • Pulse Oximeter

    IEEE Standards Used in Your Everyday Life

    Technology has become an integral aspect of our everyday lives. From the internet to smart grid, and health care to transportation, technology standards are used in a variety of ways. IEEE standards enable many of these technologies, as well as those that have helped people cope with the COVID-19 pandemic…

  • Global Meeting

    How Standards Are Made – The IEEE SA Process

    When you get a new tablet, laptop, or smart speaker, one of the first things you do is connect it to your home Wi-Fi network. When you get a new pair of Bluetooth earbuds, you immediately pair it with your smartphone or tablet.  After that, you probably never think about…

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