Beyond Standards features technology and standards news, insights, and trends that shape industry, government, academia, and consumers. From emerging technologies to standards development, and policy to ethics, explore a vast array of topics from the global IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) community.

Beyond Standards Topics:

  • Autonomous Vehicle

    Three Mobility Trends to Watch in 2022

    More than ever, the mobility industry continues to invest in ground-breaking innovations. Advancing autonomous driving, connected vehicles, sustainable and smart city transportation, and the use of mobility as a service (MaaS). These technological advances are driving the focus and work of the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) in the mobility…

  • global connectivity

    Four Connectivity and Telecom Trends to Watch in 2022

    As we look toward 2022, we can see the evidence of a convergence of influencing factors driving a rapid advancement of technology innovation. But to talk about what we see for 2022, we first need to step back a few years for context. In 2020, global organizations engaged in digital…

  • connected technologies

    Five Foundational Technology Trends to Watch in 2022

    Over the past year, adoption and investment in emerging technologies and new applications such as the Internet of Things (IoT) have continued to increase, as connectivity among devices capable of sending and receiving massive amounts of data grows significantly. This increased traffic is driven by diverse enabling technologies, such as…

  • Artificial intelligence systems

    The IEEE CertifAIEd Framework for AI Ethics Applied to the City of Vienna

    In a proof-of-concept collaboration between the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) and the City of Vienna, the newly developed IEEE CertifAIEd framework was successfully applied to an artificial intelligence (AI) system for the automatic categorization of incoming customer requests. Addressing Risks of Artificial Intelligence Systems AI applications are increasingly being…

  • Solar panels and wind turbines

    IEEE Standards for the Evolving Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Ecosystem

    The electric utility industry traces its roots to the launch of the world’s first centralized power plant in 1882, Thomas Edison’s Pearl Street Station, located in the financial district of New York City was one of the earliest, albeit small, centralized electricity generation and distribution systems. But while the centralized…

  • Man Consulting Doctor Remotely

    The Future of Patient-Centered Mobile Remote Patient Monitoring (mRPM)

    Remote patient monitoring (RPM) and mobile remote patient monitoring (mRPM) are forms of telehealth that utilize monitoring technologies tracking patient data beyond the health facility. RPM relies on various technologies to coordinate a multiple-point monitoring system: from source (patient device/sensor), software program (mobile app), the internet, the healthcare provider and…

  • Swarm Learning

    Swarm AI For Decentralized Clinical Research and Precision Medicine

    If the term “swarm” naturally makes you think of swarms of honey bees or ants, you are on the right path to understanding the concept. Swarm AI (artificial swarm intelligence) is an emerging application inspired on the social behavioral models of insects such as bees, ants, etc. What is Swarm…

  • cybersecurity online

    Enabling End-User Agency and Trust in Artificial Intelligence Systems

    Complex artificial intelligence systems (AIS) are increasingly finding their way into consumer contexts. Everyday users with no domain expertise are being introduced to these systems with varying degrees of transparency and understanding of the technology. Moreover, it is unclear to most how interaction with these systems may affect their lives…

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Process Model and Requirements Aimed at AI Procurement in a New IEEE Standard

    Artificial intelligence (AI) and automated decision systems (ADS) are increasingly being used to aid or replace government decisions and judgments that impact opportunities, access, liberties, rights, and/or the safety of their citizenry. Government entities have been consumers and stewards of public use technology for over half a century. But traditional…

  • Global Connectivity

    Meet the 2021 World Standards Day Video Contest Winners

    In celebration of World Standards Day 2021, IEEE SA invited global communities to share their ideas on the IEEE Standards that transform our lives and work. We received videos from across the world and were impressed by the quality and diversity of topics. We would like to thank everyone who…

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