IEEE 2143

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    Fostering Process Standardization in Cryptocurrency

    The cryptocurrency industry has grown rapidly into a very large industry, with numerous “coins,” hundreds of exchanges, and payments exceeding $1 million USD each day. A lack of globally relevant industry standards in the field has held back its widespread adoption among business and consumers. Consumers have found it difficult…

  • Blockchain & DLTAI and Blockchain at Edge – Highlights from the IEEE event at Bangalore

    Raising the World’s Standards in Cryptocurrency

    The global cryptocurrency industry has matured to a point that numerous “coins” and hundreds of exchanges exist in the marketplace, accounting for payments exceeding $1 million USD each day. One of the primary hindrances to additional industry growth is that the coins in use rely on their own specifications based…

  • Event Previews & RecapsEvent

    Recap: Smart City Summit and Expo

    Around the globe, enthusiasm continues to grow for the many benefits of Smart City initiatives. Multiple domains—lighting, power, information sharing, among others—are converging and the same is taking place around many of connected applications and services. This exciting dynamic was clearly demonstrated at the recent Smart City Summit and Expo…

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