IEEE 2846

  • MobilityAutonomous Vehicle

    Driving Responsible Advancement of Automated Vehicles

    Advancing automated driving systems (ADS) technology is paramount. It can save lives and prevent injuries, reduce costs associated with car accidents, lessen traffic, cut down on negative environmental impact, and create independence among people who cannot drive. Revving Up the Process Establishment of an industry-wide set of safety specifications supports…

  • MobilityVehicular Mobility

    IEEE SA Places Focus to Fuel the Future of Mobility

    Transportation is all about moving goods and people from place to place. The mobility industry, which comprises roadways, railways, airways, and waterways, is undergoing disruptive changes driven by technological advancements, particularly information and communication technologies (ICTs). For example, the evolution of road transportation is driven by connectivity, increasing autonomy, electrification,…

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