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    Common Purpose, Different Paths: Stories of IEEE Standards Developers

    From Wi-Fi to electric vehicles (EVs), and medical devices to smart grid, IEEE has nearly 1,200 active standards and 1,000 standards under development. Behind IEEE’s leadership in standards development and related collaboration around the world are the volunteers who share a common commitment to fostering technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.

    5 Ways Technology Standards Can Help You In Your Career

    Jeffry Handal, an IEEE volunteer, credits his knowledge of standards with helping him land his job at Cisco Systems Inc. During the technical screening part of the application process, he was able to refer to standards when answering multiple technical questions, which helped him stand out from other job applicants.

    How Organizations Can Create Inclusive and Positive Online Experiences for Children

    Technology is now permanently intertwined with children’s lives almost from the beginning – from smart baby monitors to playing with connected toys, watching online videos, social media, using voice activated assistants, online education, and mobile apps.
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