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    Securing the Future of Connected Health on a Global Scale

    On the dark web, health records are worth literally forty to fifty times more than credit card data. While you may be able to change your social security or fiscal identity number with significant amounts of effort or cancel your credit cards, you cannot change the genetic data, health conditions, biometric data that’s stored in your health record. Your genetic and health data is immutable. Once compromised or breached, you bear lifelong consequences.

    Bringing Clarity and Objective Guidance to Software Based Intelligent Process Automation Space

    While automation—the heart of the “fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0”—clearly has moved from the corners of enterprise strategy and into mainstream conversation, it remains a rapidly maturing technology field characterized by constant change and, sometimes, market confusion...

    Re-Think Health Podcast: Contact Tracing Applications and Technologies Beyond COVID-19

    Contact tracing technologies and applications (CTT/CTAs) have become a great focus in the new norm of COVID-19. There are many ethical and validation challenges surrounding the uses of these technologies which have been in play before the pandemic and will continue after...
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