• IEEE SA Voice Podcast Featured Image - chalkboard

    Re-Think Health Podcast: Establishing a Standard of Quality in Digital Therapeutics

    Digital therapeutics are growing in popularity for patients. Combining science and technology creates a double-edge sword including one how to best establish quality and trust in the safety and efficacy of patients. In this podcast, Maria Palombini, Director of Emerging Communities & Opportunities Development and Healthcare & Life Sciences (HLS)…

  • Female Engineer Intelligent Process Automation

    Bringing Clarity and Objective Guidance to Software Based Intelligent Process Automation Space

    While automation—the heart of the “fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0”—clearly has moved from the corners of enterprise strategy and into mainstream conversation, it remains a rapidly maturing technology field characterized by constant change and, sometimes, market confusion. For example, various innovative Software-Based Intelligent Process Automation (SBIPA) technologies have emerged…

  • Featured Image - Data Protection Symbol

    Internet of Things: Understanding Core Challenges for Gen Z and Gen Alpha Consumers

    While emerging Internet of Things (IoT) innovations offer consumers valuable benefits in areas such as assistance, efficiency, comfort, connectivity, and entertainment, there is a need to understand the issues around trust, identity, privacy, protection, security, and safety (TIPPSS) also introduced by these systems. The Internet of Things: Understanding the Core…

  • Man optimistically looking out corporate window

    IEEE P2023 Standard Taking Digital Transformation to New Levels

    The importance, impact, and potential benefits associated with digital transformation cannot be overstated, as organizations worldwide are updating their business models and software applications to take advantage of low-price data collection, fast networks and cloud-based processing for their applications. What’s more, advancements in technologies, such as IoT, AI, big data,…

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    Paving the Way for Transformative Learning Technologies

    The global pandemic is clearly illuminating the value and even necessity of online education and remote learning for students around the world. It also is revealing key hurdles and limitations yet to be addressed in the technology space.

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    Lakuruma: Latest IEEE SA Start Up Event Winner

    While in Herzliya, Israel for its Board of Governors meeting, the IEEE SA hosted a Startup Networking Event: Hardened Systems in Mobility, Healthcare, Energy and IoT. With the growing number of devices and interconnections, it is important to balance the performance of systems with trusted parameters of engagement including data…

  • AI and Blockchain at Edge – Highlights from the IEEE event at Bangalore

    Raising the World’s Standards in Cryptocurrency

    The global cryptocurrency industry has matured to a point that numerous “coins” and hundreds of exchanges exist in the marketplace, accounting for payments exceeding $1 million USD each day. One of the primary hindrances to additional industry growth is that the coins in use rely on their own specifications based…

  • EIP@ATD 2019

    Why you need Smart or Managed Automotive Ethernet Switch?

    Switches are Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model Layer 2 devices that are responsible for forwarding frames addressed to other ports by using addresses in the layer 2 header (MAC addresses). The most common switch in the market is the unmanaged switch. These require little or no configuration as they learn…

  • Microchip to demonstrate technology related to the latest IEEE 802.3ag™ 10Base-T1S standards

    Microchip to demonstrate technology related to the latest IEEE 802.3cg™ 10Base-T1S standards

    When Microchip introduced the industry’s first AEC-Q100 qualified Ethernet PHY in 2008, we did not know it would herald the transformation of in-vehicle networks to include Ethernet backbones. In part, this was driven by the concept of zonal architectures. Traditionally a vehicle’s Engine Control Units (ECUs) were distributed to the…

  • From Live to Lab to Engineer

    From Live to Lab to Engineer

    Ethernet as the well-established technology for new and future vehicles is still challenging because of the complexity of testing. Based on the architecture and multiple protocols involved (7-layers of the OSI-model) - engineers are challenged with different test methodologies like Physical layer testing, protocol conformance testing or device- and network…

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